Ashes to Ashes, Oranges to Oranges coming February 4, 2014!

Howdy folks!

Here’s a big update on that book I’ve been promising you. I’ve got an official release date now, and it’s only (as of this writing) EIGHT days away. Yup, Ashes to Ashes, Oranges to Oranges is finally coming out in ebook form for real for real on Amazon and Smashwords on Tuesday, February 4, 2014, and hopefully to Barnes & Noble & Kobo & all those other cool ebook places within a week or so after that…

If you want a real book book version, that will take another couple of weeks at least, but that should also be available on Amazon before the end of February.

ASHESCOVERamazonHere’s the Amazon cover design forAshes to Ashes, Oranges to Oranges, featuring a brand new painting by mighty mighty Marybeth Chew.

The story behind the picture (I’m making it up now, it’s not in the book at all) is that this young woman (we’ll call her Kathy) is at a family member’s funeral with a slightly older cousin (Georgia) who always gets her into trouble.They’re supposed to be in mourning, but people deal with these things in different ways, and these two are in one of the side rooms at the funeral home goofing around and making funny faces at each other. This is Georgia’s camera, capturing the moment when Kathy makes eye-contact with her grief-stricken mother, who has just walked in.

Over the next couple of weeks, it would be a good idea to keep an eye on the brand new Flickerlamp Publishing YouTube channel:

for a bunch of crazy content as soon as the book comes out. More details to follow.

Catcha later,


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2 Responses to Ashes to Ashes, Oranges to Oranges coming February 4, 2014!

  1. Lee Hudgins says:

    Can’t Wait!!

  2. Dean Brown says:

    The Moment we’ve all been waiting for!

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