Homemade Hungry Hippos


So after that “Rubberburner’s Row”post a while back, I know putting up something like this runs the risk of  turning this blog into some kind of “I’m poor and I love it” deal, but this was cool. My daughter Lumpy Rock and I watched a bunch of youtube videos about Hungry Hungry Hippos, then one about a real hippo, a couple about real snakes, and then back to Hungry Hungry Hippos. All of a sudden, she got that gleam in her eye, and I knew we were about to make some art.

Because of time restrictions (we wanted it done immediately so we could play), we used a more simple mechanism for the hippos, but we did improve on the original in at least one way: the big black hippo is the king, with two princesses to his left and two princes to his right, bringing the total to FIVE hippos altogether. Also, playing before the glue was all the way dry added a little extra drama to the mix.  The hippo food is from Hi Ho Cherry-o, which is great because maybe it will all get lost or permanently re-appropriated and I won’t have to play boring-ass Hi Ho Cherry-o anymore.

My favorite part was when Lumpy was cleaning up the markers before we started playing and she said, “I’m so excited my throat is getting hurty.” When you hear that, you know you’re doing it right.



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  1. Cookie says:

    Hiho Cherry-O is all about the math… or not. Yep, it is pretty boring.
    However, King Hippo and his minions… now that is a fun game!

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