So Many Unclassics…

Now filed under “experiments gone awry.”

I had planned to publish my entire epic novel Armloads of Unclassics in serial form on  Wattpad. It was going to take 24 weeks of daily updates plus a couple more weeks of bi-hourly updates and then a few more weeks of daily updates, but instead, I’ve decided to blow the whistle, and grind to an unceremonious halt just ten weeks in.

How come?

Weren’t hardly nobody readin’ the darn thing.

So instead of putting more effort into publicity and trying to pull it out of the mud mid-season, I’ve decided to focus on making the whole thing better, so when I release Armloads of Unclassics as a novel (likely this fall), folks will say, “Hey, this is pretty good.”

Armloads of Unclassics is an important book for me for a whole bunch of reasons (not the least of which is that it took me almost a decade to complete the first draft) so I hope that it will eventually find some readers.

Even if I’m not clogging your feed daily, I’m still as available as ever. Stay tuned here for big announcements, or watch my Facebook author page.

And of course, I’m leaving the first 50 parts of the story on Wattpad for now (five complete chapters with covers by Breck Young, and the beginning of a sixth without), to peruse for free at your leisure:

Ch. 0: Follow Her Bloody Footsteps

Sean explains his obsession with bad movies, especially the 1984 Tim Nero film Follow Her Bloody Footsteps (starring Gina Feasting).

In the year 2000, Sean makes the move from Kansas to California and swings by Tim Nero's studio.

In the year 2000, Sean makes the move from Kansas to California and swings by Tim Nero’s studio.

Ch. 2: Tyger Tails

Sean spends an unwholesome day on the set of a children’s TV show.

Ch. 3: So What If I'm A Salesman?

Sean spends a week working as a stagehand, and stops a serial murderer.

Ch. 4: Capetown

Sean is an extra on a major motion picture, and (while dressed like an amateur athlete from the 1980’s) meets Gina Feasting.


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