Stranded in Sunshine is here!!!

SiS-cover-nobleed-largeSo, my first novel is finally a thing. Stranded in Sunshine (with its purty, purty cover art by K3N) is in soft release as of last week. I’m REALLY excited about it AND I need your help.

Pssshhh, money. I don’t want your money. What I need are REVIEWS. There are a lot of opportunities for free publicity for indie authors out there, but in order to take advantage of them, I need at least ten reviews on Amazon to show that people have read my book. Unfortunately, it’s against Amazon’s terms of service for me to write these reviews myself, or I wouldn’t need your help at all, because I’d have done it already.

Please allow me to stress the point that YOUR participation here is of IMMENSE value to me. Once I get ten reviews, I’m golden, and can start marketing in earnest. But if I can’t get ten reviews… well then I’ve just got to keep bugging the crap out of people until I can.

If you think you’ve got what it takes to make this absolutely painless journey, and you’ve got a tablet or an iphone, let me know. I’ll email you my book right now for free. Enjoy it with my compliments. And after you’re done, if you do me that biggest of favors and leave a review (you don’t have to shake up the world  – I think the min. is 25 words and a star rating), I’ll send you a free copy of the paperback.  And if you left a review for my last book, sit tight, because you’re already on that list.

Each person who responds and follows through gets me at least 10% closer to my goal. So…

Hey hey, whaddaya say?

Sure, Eric, I’ll read your book for free and probably leave you a review – I’m sending you an email right now.

Yeah, Eric, I’ll read your book for free and probably leave you a review – I’m gonna just say “Hi” on your Facebook author page, and then you’ll know what that means.

Look, Eric, let’s not get too crazy. Before I make any rash decisions, I want to know what this here book of yers is all about.

Whoa, Eric, you’re being way too nice, and it’s freaking me out. I want to leave you a review, but I insist on buying my own copy of the book.

No, Eric, you stink. I’m not gonna do a damn thing but watch this Pink Panther cartoon. It’s the one where the Pink Panther doesn’t say anything.

Thanks for your potential help, everybody! I’ll keep you posted on my progress in the comments below.


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10 Responses to Stranded in Sunshine is here!!!

  1. Terry LaRock says:

    Hi Eric! I would love to read your book and I would be honored to give my opinion!! BTW, My best to you and your family!!

  2. Erin Legge says:

    If the book is anything like Ashes to Ashes it’s bound to be great. Hook me up! (please)

    • Eric Henderson says:

      Thanks, Erin! It’s not that much like Ashes to Ashes, but I still think you’ll like it. The hook-up is sliding your way…

  3. gourd says:

    You forgot, “Gee, Eric, how many words is it?” and “Crikey, Eric, I’m going to buy your book so if I don’t get it read right the fuck away I won’t feel like an asshole.”

    Anyway, bought.

    • Eric Henderson says:

      No one’s in trouble here, gourd. It’s a happy time. The final version’s approx. 59K. I will shamefully admit that I missed a prime opportunity to use the word “crikey” in this post. (Also, please forgive this book’s -/– problem that only you will see. I’m aware of it, and it’ll be corrected in time for the fabled “hard release.” Damn, you make me grammarnoid.) Thanks, brudda!

  4. David Arrate says:

    Congratulations on publishing your first novel, my friend! I just finished buying it on Kindle. Sounds like a lot of fun, man. I should be diving into it soon. Happy to finally have more of your work to read.

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