Overdue Update #64

So the last time we talked, I was giving away some copies of my first novel, Stranded in Sunshine, and trying to cajole some folks into writing me some reviews. Eh, it worked okay. Even though I didn’t get enough to do the big promotional push I was hoping to, I got some stuff I like for the back cover of the paperback, and that’s still coming soon.

Also, earlier this year, I mentioned something about a green squirrel… and that project is moving ahead. I’ve even set a date.


Armloads of Unclassics is, as mentioned, a lowbrow epic, and it’s also a love letter to terrible cinema, and a totally fictional memoir of my own years in Hollywood. It’s also more than twice as long as anything else I’ve ever written. Questions?

How’s this gonna work? Starting on January 4th, I’m uploading a new section of the book to Wattpad in the early AM every Monday thru Friday for 24 (twenty-four!) weeks. Then, starting on Monday of the 25th week, I’m going to be uploading a new section many times a day for a week or two, and then we’ll go back to one section a day for a couple more weeks, and then it will be done.

Can you really promise to put out that much material? How much have you written so far?
Yes, and most of it. As of today, November 1st, the first 24 weeks are mostly golden, and I’m more than halfway through the long crazy section that precedes the finale.

Why are you putting it out on the internet for free? Are you an idiot? Armloads of Unclassics will be my third published book, but I’ve been working on it on & off for close to a decade (for the bean counters in the group, that’s 8 years off, about 2 years on, in 3 giant chunks). In a way, it’s a really important book to me, and something I feel strongly about. In another way, I know if I don’t get it finished and out there now, I might make it even more complicated & obsess over it for another decade. I’m putting it out for free initially because I’ve worked hard on it and I want a lot of people to read it. I will gladly take this opportunity to go on record as saying I don’t think I’m an idiot.

As we get closer to January 4th, I should be reminding you regularly to join this strange and sometimes wonderful journey with me. If I don’t for some reason, I am implanting the hypnotic suggestion in your mind now so that you will remember. Talk soon.

Your Friend,

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